We Are ThirdEye Labs

Help us fight shoplifting, stock-outs and queue times

Our technology is the world’s first real-time CCTV powered AI assistant to be put in the hands of public space workers. We've been able to digitise the high street by completely automating in store processes to support staff and improve customer experience. 

ThirdEye Labs is an amazing business to work in with an exciting and executable vision and a constantly growing team. We’re a group of people from very different professional, educational and international backgrounds with a shared passion for tech. With us, you'll have the opportunity to work with and co-shape one of the world’s most advanced CCTV action recognition technologies. We’re a small but ambitious team so every action you take will matter - you will own vital projects and make key decisions. 

The ThirdEye Team

The people behind our company

Raz Ghafoor
Peter Rennert, PhD
Hichame Moriceau
Machine Learning Engineer
Reynald Havard
Machine Learning Engineer
Graci Loureiro
Data Assistant
Stephanie Gouveia
Data Assistant
Callum Downie
Machine Learning Engineer
Oleksandr Gorokhovskyi
DevOps Engineer
Lizzie Green
Customer Success/Data Assistant
Tiia Meuronen
UX Designer
Oscar Bastardo
Senior Software Engineer
Godwill Fameyeh
Mobile Developer
Vera Merkatz
Business Development Manager
Charlotte Jaecker
Sales and Marketing
Yusuf Tran
DevOps Engineer
Sara Mendes
Office and Operations Manager
Cameron Blackwood
Tech Recruiter/Software Engineering Intern
Dimitris Vekris, PhD
High Performance Computing Engineer
Yrjan Skrimstad
Software Engineer (Infrastructure)
Sam O'Reilly
Customer Success/Data Assistant
Kelsey Carew
Talent Acquisition Manager

Who We Are

About our team

Founded by Raz Ghafoor and Peter Rennert (pictured) in 2016, we are team of engineers, tech enthusiasts, e-commerce experts, and retail specialists connected by our shared vision to solve real-world problems in the retail industry through intelligent AI solutions. We're working to help businesses create more secure, people-centric and efficient public spaces through impressive intelligent computer vision software that understands every single physical interaction and tracks every inch of a store.

You won't find any office politics or excuses here - we believe modesty and honesty is everything. We love what we do and have fun together! We're confident as a team and deliver our best work when we work closely together - with no space for egos.

As a constantly scaling and learning startup, we embrace daily challenges and are tackling the growth of the business together. 'Failure' may translate into negative experiences for others but for us, it means learning new things and growing our grit, passion and perseverance along the way! 

Our HQ

London, E1 1DU

ThirdEye Labs

Unit 135,
75 Whitechapel Rd,
E1 1DU